Tips for a Safe Vacation

Aloha and welcome to Kauai.

You are entering one of the most beautiful and appealing natural environments in the world - and it's important to be aware that certain things about our island might be unfamiliar to you and could pose a challenge if you are not properly informed and prepared. Please read this information carefully and then enjoy your visit to Hawaii's Island of Discovery.

General Safety Tips

  • Don't leave valuables in your vehicle. If you have to store items in your trunk, stow them before you arrive at your destination.
  • Never leave valuables unattended at the beach or pool.
  • Avoid leaving itineraries exposed in vehicles or hotel rooms.
  • Don't display parking passes other than at the intended location.
  • Carry money separately from credit cards. Keep a separate list of account numbers away from where your actual credit or bank cards are kept.
  • Store valuables in your hotel's safe deposit boxes - either in your room or at the front desk.
  • Place purses, wallets, laptop computers, cameras and similar items out of view when out or retiring for the night.
  • Close and lock all doors and windows when away from your room or rental and when retiring at night, to prevent anyone from entering through open windows, glass doors or screen doors that can be cut.
  • Don't dive into waterfalls or unknown pools of water: The moving water can hide rocks or loosen branches.
  • Drink plenty of water while hiking - the altitude of some hikes and intense tropical sun can be dangerous for the unaccustomed visitor.
  • Island rainstorms can occur quickly and even brief downpours can cause flash floods. If the water level suddenly rises in a creek, drainage canal or other waterway, head immediately for higher ground.
  • Seat belts are required for the driver and all passengers; child car seats are required for children under four.
  • Use caution driving on one-way bridges. Courtesy is to alternate every 6-7 cars.
  • Please be aware, speed limits are strictly enforced.
  • No U-Turns.

Beach Safety Tips

  • Swim at lifeguarded beaches – ask lifeguards for safety and swimming tips.
  • Lifeguards post warning signs – Don’t ignore them! Read them and heed them!
  • Conditions constantly change – daily and seasonal changes must be monitored closely.
  • Waves come in sets – it can look calm for up to 20 minutes between dangerous sets of huge waves.
  • Hazards can exist in ANY coastal area - not just in the water. Avoid walking on sand and rocks near the ocean's edge. Never turn your back to the ocean.
  • Do not fight a rip current – if caught in a current keep calm, float, breathe, don’t panic, and wave for help. Go WITH the current and conserve energy.
  • Use the buddy system – never swim alone and know your limits.
  • When in doubt – don't go out!
Hawaii Travel Safety Tips e-brochure
For Pre-Arrival, General and Recreational Safety Tips or for Information on Natural Disasters and Emergency Contacts please view our Hawaii Travel Safety Tips e-brochure.
If you have been a victim of crime or other adversity and need VASK assistance, please file a police report, and call our 24 hour helpline. See below for visitor information and other important phone numbers.

" ... Our car was broken into and we lost quite a bit of money ... however our loss was greatly diminished by the help of the Visitor Aloha Society of Kauai ... they really do embody the aloha spirit that their name embraces..."
-Steve and Barb Boncheck
Bloomingdale, IA

Important Phone Numbers

Emergency / Police / Fire / Ambulance911
Police (non-emergency)808.241.1711
Visitor Information800.262.1400
Kauai Visitors Bureau808.245.3971
Kauai Bus808.246.8110
Wilcox Memorial Hospital - Lihue808.245.1100
Kauai Veterans Memorial Hospital - Waimea808.338.9431
Always be attentive and aware of risks. There is more to having a safe stay in Hawaii than following just these safety tips. You should use common sense and practice the same safety tips you would at home to protect yourself from harm and to keep your property from being stolen.

Hawaii's unique natural environment may also present risks of physical harm you may not have experienced and it is important that you be attentive to and obey all warning signs.

It is our wish that you have an enjoyable and safe experience while visiting Kauai, so please be aware and remain attentive to any natural hazards or potential criminal activity that would prevent you from having an enjoyable vacation.